Vashikaran to Control Woman for Physical Relation

Vashikaran to Control Woman for Physical Relation


Vashikaran to Control Woman for Physical Relation: Are you looking for best vashikaran mantra to attract girl, do you want to attract any woman instantly. Mostly man desires that there should be good physical relation between him and his women. But they remain unable to maintain any physical connection between them because most of the women hesitate to let men touch them they feel uncomfortable that becomes the most suitable reason behind not having physical interaction between you and your girl.

But Vashikaran to Control Woman for Physical Relation will help you to maintain a good relationship with her. Vashikaran mantra to control lady in Hindi will be explained to you by Rupesh Sharma and also you would be able to know about how to attract women without talking?

How to attract women and girlfriend
without talking for a physical relationship by vashikaran?

Very powerful Vashikaran to Control Woman for Physical Relation is chant using saffron

“Ya Laumaail Bihakki Ya Ain Ya Ajimo”


  • Take bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Buy some good quality saffron from a nearby store. Mix a pinch of saffron with a few drops of water and make some ink like mixture.
  • Take a new toothpick and dip it in the saffron ink you prepared, write the mantra seven times with the tip of the toothpick on a clean paper.
  • Hold the paper with the mantra in your right hand and cover it with your left hand.
  • Chant the mantra for 170 times to energize the paper.
  • Mix the paper in water and give the preparation for the person to drink.
  • You will find the person coming to you automatically to make the love proposal
  • Do not use this mantra without proper discrimination as this can go against you if you are careless.

This the best vashikaran mantra for married woman in Hindi. With the help of this vashikaran mantra, you would be able to attract a girl and attract women without talking. your women would instantly get a move towards you and if for ones she remains with you then she would never try to remain far from you. You can also use this female vashikaran totke for getting Desired partner for physical relationship or to make physical relation with girlfriend.

How to do Vashikaran to Control Woman for Physical Relation- Attract a married woman by vashikaran

Physical relation in love possesses a very important role. When a person in love remains in physical interaction. Then the chances of breakup or separation remain very less there is real importance of physical relation in love. Physical intimacy is important in relationships. Because it is considered one of the most potent methods of displaying love and affection. A relationship that lacks sexual chemistry often falls apart as it fails to satiate the carnal desires of the partners.

Quick Vashikaran mantra to attract married women

“Om bhagwati bhag bhaag dayini (name of the woman you love) mam vashyam kuru kuru swaha”


  • On a Thursday take bath and take some salt in your hand.
  • Stand to face the north direction and chant this mantra to attract any woman instantly 118 times looking at the salt in hand.
  • Mix the salt in the food eaten by the woman without her knowledge.
  • You will find the woman come running to you and express her love for you voluntarily.

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