If you want to know how to kill the enemy by a mantra in India, you can get a black magic to kill a person or destroy your enemy. Our astrologers say that most people use this mantra in their lives to take revenge against someone in their life. This mantra works as a weapon in his life to get rid of all his problems. Now our black magic expert Baba ji who briefly tells you about black magic. And he will give you Black magic to kill enemy. Black magic is used for the selfish purpose and to harm anyone.

You can easily use Black magic to kill enemy . Black Magic Work fast to kill Enemy and also known as the best source with the help, you can easily lift up your desire. Did you ever think that you have taken your revenge so badly with your enemy and without getting him knew that you have did this you made him apologized for what he did with you then what could be the best thing than this for you.

Or if you don’t want to go too bad with your enemy and just only want to destroy an enemy’s life by black magic. Then according to me that it is the best way by which you can take revenge from enemy.

How to do Black Magic to kill enemy?

There are different ways of doing black magic everyone uses different

  • Strong mantra- Black magic experts chant mantra by which the person comes in their control and can harm in whatever they are said to do.
  • Black magic dolls- Doing black magic using doll can never make out who is doing black magic and result will show positive result means whatever the person wants for enemy only that will happen.
  • Black magic to kill enemy can be done by keeping someone enemies’s belongings and doing tantras- mantras on it. The effect will be shown on the person and can increase and lower down the effect.
  • Black magic is done by using candles, herbs, crystals and other materials and words of power are recited again and again till the effect is shown. The words of power have different effects achieving the different outcome of you want.

How to kill enemy by totka or black magic mantra to kill enemy and to take revenge from enemy?

Whatever the kind of enemy is and you want to know how to take revenge from enemy? In whatever way he might be powerful, you can kill enemy by totka to get rid of enemy. Plus that can be helpful for you. Following are some of the totke that you may like to follow:

One of the kill enemies by totka to get rid of enemy is Aghori Protection Mantra. This mantra is so strong that it can stop all the enemies coming your way. Firstly, take the name of your enemy. Then recite the following totka to get rid of enemy as follows for 108 times:

“Omm naamo bhaagwaatei vishwaamitraaye naamaah Saarvaaaa mukhi bhaayaam vishwaaaa aagyaamaati gaachh swaahaaaa”

The above totka to get rid of enemy is capable of destroying the life of your enemy. Similarly, this will make him to commit suicide by himself with no reason. With the above you can easily kill enemy by black magic.